Where there is no BLK, there is no LIGHT.


BLKxLIGHT stems from recognizing that there is a drought in our communities when it comes to positive imagery that reflects where we come from, who we are, and who we have the potential to become. the blkxlight brand's aim is to illuminate the influence, the boldness and the brilliance of Black people of yesteryear, today, and tomorrow by creating pieces that shed light on all things positive and all things black. 

BLKxLIGHT is inspired by tremendously intellectual, fearless, and virtuous individuals that have risked their lives and overall well-being to be a vessel for blacks in a society that often attempts to silence them.

Blkxlight is Malcolm X. Muhammad Ali. Maya Angelou. Medgar Evers. Assata Shakur. tupac shakur. Phylicia Rashad. Stokely Carmichael. Huey P. NEWTON. Fred hampton. Dick GREGORY. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. Bobby Seale. Eldridge Cleaver. Louis Farrakhan. Angela Davis. Lonnie Lynn, Jr. Kathleen Neal Cleaver. Erika Huggins. samuel l. jackson (...especially in 1969). Colin Kaepernick. 

Where there is no Blk, there is no Light.